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The first office visit is usually extensive and may take over an hour depending on why you are seeking care.  The physician and patient become well acquainted through a comprehensive history and physical examination. The doctor may determine blood work or additional testing is necessary.

If you have recent blood work please bring copies to your visit or have faxed prior to appointment.

After the visit the doctor will give you her initial impressions and plan.

Once all materials are gathered and reviewed from the first office visit the doctor will meet with the patient at a follow up appointment.


Patients are encouraged to make a list of the things they would like to discuss with the doctor and bring this list with them to the first office visit. Please bring all the supplements and medications you are currently taking. Please bring all previous testing that you might think is relevant to your case history. 


Our physicians employ several types of testing including standard medical tests and more comprehensive functional tests such as blood food sensitivity, saliva testing of various hormones and neurotransmitters, comprehensive stool, urine, and hair analysis, and more comprehensive testing for women’s health.